Jan 052014

Well another year of media has come and gone; so lets take a look at how 2013′s comics stacked up in my personal longbox!

Best Writer: Not necessarily the author on my favorite books, this list is a measure of quality and quantity; multiple awesome titles, an amazing sense of humor and rabid fan bases mark my top writers of 2013.
1. Kelly-Sue DeConnick for Captain Marvel, Pretty Deadly, Avengers Assemble and Ghost
2. Matt Fraction for Sex Criminals and Hawkeye
3. Gail Simone for Batgirl, Red Sonja and The Movement
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Nov 062013

I’ve come rather late to the game on the latest wave of Captain Marvel; but as a comics site that seeks to mine social and emotional relevancy, there are some legitimate reasons we should be writing more about Carol Danvers. Captain Marvel strikes the perfect blend of fun comic-book-actiony-goodness and subtle social commentary. This issue alone, through a Spartacus-esque show of support, dips into the positive power of hope and the influence we, as a group of individuals, can have shaping threats, along with a bit of a slap at our current “meh” culture.

Granted, I have a bit of a hero complex for Carol Danvers as of late, after the rather emotional reaction I had to Kelly Sue DeConnick’s first CM trade: In Pursuit of Flight (if you’re really curious, you can read the reaction on my personal tumblr). But when your book is being taught in gender study classes and motivating/touching to the point that an entire fan community has sprouted up around her; more people should be taking notice!

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Nov 022013
Has it already been a year since the release of “My Little Pony #1“? We’ve seen a strong start and several excellent arcs thus far, including a separate series of character one shots. Anyone who knows me knows I adore these anthropomorphized horses and the life lessons they can offer to kids while simultaneously embarking on thrilling adventures squaring off against monsters with magic and flight and strength—you know, superpowers. Even adults, in our dog eat dog, work first, corporate-minded world, can afford to be reminded of the value of teamwork, compassion, and cooperation in our daily interactions. Know that what I’m about to say comes fully from a place of love and respect for these characters and this franchise, but can we please stop it with the Equestria Girls line?

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Oct 302013

We all know what to do when we inevitably get bitten by a radioactive spider; you fashion yourself a lycra costume to hide your secret identity and use your great power responsibly, right?

Well what happens if you discover your powers, in public, and the whole world happens to be watching? You have no anonymity, no privacy, not even a moment to process what you can do or who you have become. Will you still want to fight for the betterment of your fellow man if you are turned on by your co-workers, disavowed by your friends or isolated by your government? The hero’s journey is oft not of the hero’s own choosing and is most certainly filled with sacrifice. However, when faced with personal struggles that have big picture consequences, would you fight for a world that has turned its back on you, or would you remove yourself from it?

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Oct 222013

Every once in awhile a comic comes along that feels like it was made just for you; for me, Rat Queens is that comic.  It brings back a world of swords and fantasy to a market largely dominated (volume wise) by capes and superpowers.  It’s funny (very funny), action packed and just all out fun .Last month I had the pleasure of interviewing creators Kurtis Weibe and Roc Upchurch at the Rat Queens #1 Launch Party at Third Eye Comics in Annapolis MD.

Thom Obarski: How’s the reception to the book been so far?
Roc Upchurch: The reception has been overwhelmingly good, such a warm welcome.  It’s been fantastic! It’s really overwhelming.

TO: Did you ever expect this type of response for a fantasy book in a world where sword & sorcery isn’t as hyped up as it used to be?
RU: I didn’t really know what to expect; it’s kind of a niche genre, so you never really know. It’s something, obviously, we’re into so we knew it would be appealing to some groups; but no, we didn’t expect this level.

TO: Sold out at the distributer level within 24 hours!
Kurtis Weibe: Yeah, that was crazy! It’s a comedy book and I never know how people are going to take it; but people have message me and said they’re actually laughing out loud at scenes.

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